Your partner for non-contact temperature measurement

We help manufacturing companies and research teams effectively use the benefits of thermographic measurement.

We offer ready-made solutions that will help you optimize your processes and measurements. We offer new, reliable and patented measuring methods and cooperation in their transferring them to your production or research.

Paints for thermographic measurement

We have developed paints that eliminate complications and inaccuracies when measuring the temperature of materials with different or low emissivity.

A unique product used by companies and research institutions around the world.

System for nondestructive testing of spot welds

New, reliable and fully automated spot weld quality control method.

Patented technology ready to be used for your application.

Measuring system for pulsed laser material processing

Industrial and scientific measurement setup and evaluation software.

A unique system ready to be used in your manufacturing company or research institution. 

Custom measurement

Our laboratories offer unique know-how and top equipment! 

Measurement of photo-thermal properties of materials

Measurement of laser micromachining

Educational platform for primary
and secondary schools

We have developed a special infrared camera for school teaching. We distribute it to teachers throughout the Czech Republic, prepare educational content and motivate future generations to study and pursue careers in science and technology.